Board of European Students of Technology

Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) is an international student, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit association founded in 1989. To date, the BEST network consists of 97 local groups spread over 33 European Nations. Each of them belongs to different technical-scientific universities and contributes to the mission of BEST: the development of the student by the approach of the three points of the triangle



The whole network of members is composed of over 3,000 students and is coordinated and managed at international level by a Board and various departments.

Our Local BEST Group

 BEST Zurich was founded in 2017 as Observer BEST Group Zurich by our former president Tscherina Janisch, sharing with the goal of enrich ETH Zurich’s student academic preparation, gaining valuable experience and diversifying their curricula.

After recognition by BEST International, on May, the 25th of 2018, we officially joined BEST Network and became “Local BEST Group Zurich” (LBG Zurich).

Our Local Board

Bojana Nenezic – President


ETH M.Sc. Management, Technology and Economics

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Jan Studeny – Secretary

ETH M.Sc. Computer  Science

Rani Boons – Treasurer

ETH M.Sc. Chemie- und Bioingenieurwissenschaften

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Frédéric Debraine – Human Resources

ETH M.Sc. Robotics System and Control

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